Explore the allure of the rising sun with our latest design, Sinharaja: A brick-colored clutch adorned with three shimmering sun-shaped brooches. This bag embodies the warmth of the dawn and the radiant energy that illuminates every day.

The rich and cozy brick tone envelops this bag with an earthy elegance that evokes the serenity of nature. The three sun-shaped brooches, made by hand, sewing each ball one by one. It is these small details that make this bag unique.

Carrying this bag is more than a style statement; It is celebrating the light and life that each new day brings with it. Whether you're venturing through the city streets or relaxing on a picnic, this bag is the perfect companion for those looking to shine.

Sinharaja is a very versatile model, as it allows you to play with the brooches however you want. Use all three at the same time, just one, two, or none. You can also change the handle for any of the bracelets in our collection.

Alto: 19cm
Ancho: 23cm


Tela 100% de lino en color teja. Un color versátil y que nunca pasa de moda. Perfecto para combinar con cualquier prenda, en cualquier época del año.