BLUELOW as a brand was born in the summer of 2018, although it was not until November of that same year that the project was consolidated and launched.
We are a couple, Guillermo and Tatiana, and on a roadtrip to Porto in August, everything happened. Tatiana had just read a book that had inspired her a lot and she couldn't stop thinking about starting her own business. Guillermo, dreamed of the same idea. Tatiana had worked eight years in Digital Marketing and Guillermo had a good career as an engineer and consultant. We joined forces as a team and decided that this was the perfect project for us. It had to be done. Our mothers had been our source of inspiration. Doesn't it happen to your mothers that they constantly lose thir mobile? Even yourself: You don't remember where you left it... Then it turns out that when you ask someone to call you, it's silent... What was going to be a romantic weekend escaped ended up being a trip in which we walked the streets of the city looking for original and high-quality laces and fabrics. It was clear to us which were the colours of our first two models when launching: Blue and yellow, our favorite colors. And that's where the brand name came from. BLUELOW, the composition of both words in English: Blue and Yellow. The truth is that those colors did not arrive until a year later and at the time of launching we did not include them, hahaha!
For a year and a half BLUELOW was a secondary project, in which we had the help of our mothers, because we both had full-time jobs. Until the time came, due to the high volume of orders, to leave one of our jobs and work full-time for BLUELOW.
BLUELOW has evolved a lot since its beginnings. We always knew that we wanted to be different and that we would have that personal touch. And that has been what we have focused on: Offering our customers a wide variety of colors, different collections, modular straps, fabrics, ribbons ... We are constantly innovating and designing new models that also go hand in hand with what fashion trends.
Our philosophy is that BLUELOW is not a mobile phone case brand. Our covers are not just a cover, we have managed to make them a accessory. We are a handy accessroy brand - that is practical. We adapt items that are handy to the world of fashion and make them become an accessory.