Coconino combines style and craftsmanship, tradition and modernity. It is a small blue linen bag that is not only a bag, it is a statement of elegance and love for handmade details.

Soft to the touch and durable, blue linen provides a perfect base for the art that adorns this bag. In the center, a hand-embroidered brooch stands out in the shape of a Mexican-inspired heart, an expression of passion and cultural roots. Completely handmade, in an artisanal way, each ball has been sewn, one by one, by hand. 

Coconino presents us with a very versatile model, since you can remove and attach the clasp, but you can also change the handle of the bag and put any of our bracelets on it. 


Alto: 19cm
Ancho: 23cm


Tela 100% de lino en azul claro. Textura suave y color muy versátil para combina con cualquier prenda