Quotes Pendant

Comillas is a municipality and a town in the autonomous community of Cantabria located in the Western Coast Region. Comillas is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and well-known towns in Cantabria, a magnificent architectural complex framed by an exceptional natural and landscape environment. Emigrants returned from America, together with Catalan modernism, transformed Comillas in the 19th century. Its picturesque architecture is a good example of neo-Gothic, neo-Arabic, neo-Mudejar... An outstanding complex that stands out for its singular beauty.
A noble print that refers to the famous Marquis of Comillas and the summers of Alfonso XII. 100% COTTON - Black and white toile de Jouy cotton ribbon.
The Comillas pendant is interchangeable like all other interchangeable pendants from the BLUELOW brand, so you can exchange it and combine your case with your outfits.
This pendant can be washed in the washing machine
*This item does not include the case.