Our Nero bag, an accessory that combines elegance and functionality with a clean and sophisticated design. This bag, in a classic plain black color and with vibrant red handles, is perfect for those looking for a versatile accessory full of character.

Nero stands out for its minimalist and modern design. The plain black color provides a timeless and elegant aesthetic, while the red handles add a touch of boldness and style.

In addition, you can personalize your Nero bag by combining it with our exclusive Feuer brooch. This brooch adds an extra touch of sophistication and personalization, allowing you to adapt your style according to the occasion.


- Alto: 39 cm
- Ancho: 21 cm


Esta tela nos enamoró por su textura y combinación de colores: Jacquard en tonos azules mezclando dorado que sabemos es una apuesta segura para combinar con cualquier tipo de prenda.