The Japanese Tarantela bag is an exquisite piece that combines elegance and delicacy in its design. Made of high-quality green organza, this bag is distinguished by its intricate embroidery with floral motifs that evoke Japanese nature. Each embroidered flower adds a touch of sophistication and charm, making Tarantela a perfect accessory for both special occasions and to complement an everyday outfit with a different touch. Its unique design and carefully selected materials reflect the artistry and aesthetic sense inherent in fashion.


- Alto: 39 cm
- Ancho: 21 cm


Esta seda en tono verde oscuro es única: Lleva bordadas flores en tonos rosas, rojos y amarillos, que, de vez en cuando, alterna con alguna lentejuela pequeña. Haciendo, de esta manera, que haya puntos de luz en el bolso. Una delicia para todos los sentidos.