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The trendiest fashion accessory

The ultimate way to always keep your phone at hand in the most fashionable way!

The new phone covers with straps

BLUELOW is a Brand for handy accessories: Phone cover with straps that have become the most trendy ones in the market. We are different, since we have made all of our models modular ones, allowing you to combine your phone cover with your outfits, just as much as we do with bags. You don't want to hang it from your neck? No worries! Put it in your bag or purse, and just pull it. Never again you'll think you've lost it and, from now on, you'll forget about those mini heart attacks.

Phone cover with strap. Why not?

We hang everything from ourselves: purse, glasses, keys... why not your phone to always keep it hand? You'll soon discover that it even is the easiest way to leave home. Keep you hands free with BLUELOW.