• Do you have cases for all mobile phones?
      No, but we try to have all those that are most in demand. We work with practically all iPhone models. In case we don't have a case for your phone, you can always buy the universal adaptaro, that's for you!

    • Are your straps interchangeable?
      Yes, you have the option of purchasing cases with straps or the straps alone. The idea is that you can mix & match them! At BLUELOW we have the philosophy that our product is a complement. We want you to be able to wear your case with any outfit and on any occasion. You can buy a case and several straps so you can combine them as you wish. If you are one of those who only wants one, we also have the perfect product for you!

  • Do you design the models?
    Yes, we design and test them all ourselves before launching them on the web and putting them up for sale. We are constantly thinking about possible combinations, textures, accessories, pompoms... All our designs are unique!

  • Do you accept returns?
    If you have purchased the wrong model when placing your order, don't worry, we will change it! If we made a mistake when sending your order, we will take care of absolutely everything. Always try to let us know as soon as possible so that we can act quickly. If BLUELOW is not what you expected, we will refund the amount paid as long as you are within the return period.

  • How do ship?
    We ship from Monday to Friday with express courier. You will receive an email with details about the status of your shipment and a tracking code.

  • What are your delivery times?
    We promise to send you your BLUELOW (because we know you are looking forward to using it) in no more than 72 hours. Almost all of our shipments are delivered within 24 hours, but if you place an order after Friday afternoon, it is most likely that it will not arrive until Monday/Tuesday because we do not ship during the weekend.

  • What payment methods do you accept?
    You can pay with a credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and if none of those fit you... contact us so we can provide you with an account number!

  • Where are you from?
    We are from Madrid and our office and store are in Madrid. But we do national and international shipping!

  • Do you ship to the Canary Islands?
    Yes, we ship to the Canary Islands!

  • What happens if my order has arrived in poor condition?
    Contact us as soon as you receive it and if it has deteriorated during shipping, we will send you a new shipment immediately.

  • Do you have a physical store?
    Yes! In September 2023 we opened our flaship store in Madrid, at Calle San Lucas 11, 28004. We are open from Monday to Saturday, so come visit us!

  • Can your straps be washed?
    Yes. The chains are very easy to clean with a cloth and water. The fabrics can be washed by hand with soap and water. Please make sure to remove the chain (whenever applicable), and trimmings.

  • Is the attaching system you use safe?
    Of course! We test all products for weeks before putting them on sale. We make sure they are safe, for us this is essential. If any model fails us, we do not put it on sale.

  • How do the strap pack discounts work? For the purchase of a second strap you get 10% off, when buying 3 or more straps, you get 25% off! The discount will be automatically applied to you in the checkout screen. The discount is not applicable along with other discounts.

  • Are your straps suitable for my case, even if I didn't buy it at BLUELOW?
    Yes! We are of the opinion that you should buy a BLUELOW case because we guarantee its quality. But in case you already have one, you can just attach one of our straps.

  • Do you make collaborations?
    Yes, we are always happy to do collaborations. Plus, it allows us to get to know you a little more, which we love. If you have a collaboration proposal (no matter how crazy the idea may seem), do not hesitate to write to us at hola@bluelow.es

  • Are the cases resistant?
    Of course they are. If they weren't, we wouldn't sell them at all. The cases are rigid so that they do not stretch with use and the phone doesn't fall. In addition, they have reinforcement in the corners so that your screen is 100% protected in case the phone falls. For us it is a priority that the case is resistant so that your mobile is always protected

  • Do you always re-stock all products and all models?
    It depends. If we talk about cases: We almost always replace phone models, unless they are models that become obsolete in the market with the launch of new generarions by the manufacturer.

    If we talk about straps: Hardly ever. When working by collections, there are models that as soon as the collection runs out, they no longer return. That is why we encourage you not to hesitate when you see a model that you like. It is highly likely that it'll be sold out next time you return.