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Introducing the Plitvice bag, inspired by the beauty of the Pannonian region and designed to stand out in your style with its unique elegance! With a Panonese format that evokes the essence of tradition and modernity, the Plitvice bag is a style statement that will not go unnoticed.

Its vibrant combination of lime and beige colors captures the freshness of nature and the serenity of Pannonian landscapes, adding a touch of luminosity to any outfit. Made with high-quality materials and impeccable finishes, this bag is not only beautiful, but also durable and functional.

- Alto: 39 cm
- Ancho: 21 cm


Esta tela Jacquard es elegante y divertida. Se trata de motivos marrones y dorados en combinación con un verde lima, que aportará mucha luz a tus prendas. Una tela exquisita, original y diferente.