Explore elegance and functionality with Puketi, the satchel bag that combines style and practicality in a single accessory!

Puketi is much more than a simple bag; It is your perfect companion to carry with you everything you need with a touch of sophistication. Its bag-shaped design offers a modern and versatile aesthetic that adapts to any occasion, from a casual outing to an elegant night.

Made with a careful selection of high-quality materials, Puketi guarantees unparalleled durability and style. Its pastel tones make it never go out of style and its shape allows you to wear it comfortably all day long.

- Alto: 39 cm
- Ancho: 21 cm


Este Jacquard es realmente espectacular: Combina colores preciosos con estampados femeninos y una textura deliciosa. El fondo es en tono perla y lleva unas flores estampadas en tonos rosa palo. ¡Espectacular!