Edén Strap

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We enter a universe of exuberance and natural beauty with our Edén phone strap. Inspired by the earthly paradise that its name evokes, this accessory invites you to enjoy the splendor that can only be found in nature. With its elegant and original design, this strap transports you to an oasis of tranquility and freshness where vibrant colors and delicate patterns envelop you in a feeling of peace and beauty. It is a constant reminder of the wonder and abundance that surrounds us in every moment.

*This item does not include case

- Largo strap tela: 95 cm
- Largo cadena: 20
- Ancho: 3 cm


Edén es una tela suave y fina en tonos rojizos que tiene unas rayitas muy finas y sutiles en tonos dorados.