Serena Strap

Serena immerses us in the tranquility of the skies of La Serena. Wearing this strap will make you feel harmony, elegance and sophistication.

Our Serena model is inspired by the calm and majesty of the pink skies that give us many sunrises and sunsets. This design offers you a link to the ephemeral beauty of the universe.

Its elegant, soft-touch design envelops you in a feeling of peace and harmony every time you use it, reminding you of the beauty and serenity found deep in the cosmos.

*This item does not include case

- Largo strap tela: 95 cm
- Largo cadena: 20
- Ancho: 3 cm


Esta tejido que mezcla algodón con seda evoca sofisticación y elegancia: Un tono rosa apagado de fondo que se realza con su estampado paisley y rayitas doraditas. Una auténtica maravilla para los sentidos.