Twilight makes us settle into the magical and mysterious atmosphere of dusk. Inspired by the fleeting and evocative moments that mark the end of the day, we immerse ourselves in a world of enchantment and melancholy that awakens your senses and stimulates your imagination. Explore the magic and mystery of the evening, let its enigmatic aura envelop you and take you to places where dreams mix with reality and imagination becomes reality. Take the charm of BLUELOW with you wherever you go!

- Largo strap tela: 95 cm
- Largo cadena: 20
- Ancho: 3 cm


Esta tela de algodón hará que sea cómoda y suave de llevar. Esta tela nos prendó por su originalidad: diferentes colores vivos y alegres que llevan un fino hilo entretejido que parece como si fuera rayitas. Una maravilla artesanal.