Susurro Strap

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Feel the softness and freshness of each sunrise with our Susurro strap. This accessory, carefully designed as part of our "Oawaken da manhã" collection, envelops you in the serenity and renewal of the first moments of the day.

Whisper is much more than just a strap for your phone; It is an invitation to connect with the ephemeral beauty of the dawn. Inspired by the soft murmurs of awakened nature and the golden light filtering through leaves, this accessory reflects the calm and hope of a new beginning.

Made with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, our Whisper strap combines elegance and functionality in perfect harmony. Its minimalist design, adorned with subtle nature-inspired accents, offers secure support for your phone without compromising style.

*This item does not include case

- Largo strap tela: 95 cm
- Largo cadena: 20
- Ancho: 3 cm


Tela seersucker en color frambuesa que, a pesar de parece lisa, brinda textura y dimensión. Un tejido muy ponible con un color espectacular.