Morada is an acclamation to the magic of sunsets on the beach. This accessory, inspired by the spectacular colors that paint the sky at sunset, will transport you to a world of serenity and beauty at your fingertips. With its soft and enveloping tone, this strap evokes the warmth and tranquility felt when contemplating the horizon on the beach at the end of the day. It is a constant reminder of the magical moments that nature gives us and an invitation to enjoy them in every moment.

Enter our universe of color, this model is a clear example of this: Textures, prints and bright colors that will not go unnoticed.

- Largo strap tela: 95 cm
- Largo cadena: 20
- Ancho: 3 cm


Esta tela en algodón es diversión y un aire de frescor. Si te gustan los colores vivos y divertidos esta es la mejor opción en la que puedas pensar. El estampado y coloridos perfectos para llevar en verano.